Flexible Extension Bar Set

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Flexible Extension Bar Set

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  • Flexible Extension Bar Set - FES234W
Flexible Extension Bar Set
Model - FES234W
3PCS  1/4” +3/8”+1/2”  Flexible Extension Bar Set

Material: Drop forged, heat treated Chrome Vanadium Steel 
Flex extension works in areas that conventional screwdrivers can’t reach
Origin : TAIWAN
Packing: Slider card, 24set/Box, 48set/CTN/ 20kg/ 22kg/1.41’

1pc- 1/4” drive ×150mm(L) wire Ø8mm 
1pc- 3/8” drive ×200mm(L) wire Ø8mm
1pc- 1/2” drive ×200mm(L) wire Ø9.5mm

[Easy to take]:Automotive professional rely on elastic extension rods to 
quickly release bolts and nuts at an embarrassing angle, and it is difficult to
touch the position of light torque applications.
[Flexible]:Maintain excellent rotation torque transfer from ratchet to slide, and
its heavy spring steel provides 45 degrees of flexibility.
[Design]:The spring ball buckle can be locked to prevent parts from sliding into
the corner of the square driving radius, so as to reduce the wear of tools and sleeves.
Size and length can be produced according to customer needs.
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38PCS Nut setter & Bit Tool set Metric Size   (PATENT) WWS-38MSB Specification:   Material: Nut setter: Chrome Vanadium steel         Bit:S2         Bit holder: Stainless High Quality Origin : TAIWAN Packing: Blow mold case +color sleeve +shrink, 20set/CTN/ 20kg/ 22kg/1.2’ Contents: 24pcs-1/4”×25mm(L) Bit       Phillips:1,2,2,3       Pozidrive:1,2,2,3       Hexagon:3,4,5,6       Slotted:4,5,6       Torx:T10,T15,T15,T20,T20,T25,T25,T27,T30 12pcs-Nut setter  W/Magnetic ×65mm(L):6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17(mm) 1pc-Silm Quick Release Bit Holder × 66.5mm(L) 1pc-W/Magnetic sleeve combine with slim bit holder to become drywall function Description: Nut setter are used with impact drivers and also work with power drills and power screwdrivers. Sometimes called torsion nutsetters, they absorb the force(torque) of the impact driver and transfer it to the nut or bolt. They’re commonly used to drive lag bolts and loosen frozen nuts and bolts. Their head fits hex-shaped nuts and bolts.   
Quick-release Chuck Socket( For Bit)   (PATENT) QC-1438 Specification:   3/8” Dr.×1/4”(Hex) Quick –Release chuck socket Material: Cr-Mo High Quality Origin : TAIWAN Packing: Plastic Hanger + Label, 20pcs/Box,200pcs/CTN/ 9.6kg/ 10.6kg/1.1’ Description: The quick release chuck socket developed by us is complete in size, hex is from 1/4”、5/16”、10mm,drive is from 1/4”、3/8”、1/2” (Dr.), which makes it easy for you to match the bit. If you only 3/8” power tools or pneumatic Air tools you can use it to match 1/4”、5/16”、10mm drive chuck to make anything difficult for you.
9pcs  1/4”Dr. ×65mm(L) Non-slip Nut setter   (PATENT) 1465002-09SB Specification:   Material: SCM440, Matt Finish High Quality Origin : TAIWAN Packing: Slider card , 12set/Box,48set/CTN/ 25kg/ 26kg/1.93’ Contents: 9pcs-1/4” Dr. ×65mm(L) Non-slip Nut setter: 6,8,10,11,12,13,14,16,17(mm) Description: The Non-slip nut setter is a patented product developed by ourselves. Generally used for roofing screw. When the bolt is worn and can’t be  disassembled normally, a Non slip nut setter must be used to disassemble it.  
3PCS 1/4” +3/8” +1/2” Dr. Socket Adapter (Square/Wobble) WXD13 Specification:   Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel Black Finish High Quality Origin : TAIWAN Packing: Slider card, 12set/Box, 72set/CTN/ 8kg/ 9kg/1.3’ Contents: 1pc- 1/4” hex×1/4”drive× 65mm(L)  1pc-1/4” hex×3/8”drive× 65mm(L) 1pc-1/4” hex×1/2”drive× 72mm(L) Description: In addition to the normal size, we also have 150mm(L) the size can be customized. With these adapters any power drill can quickly transform into a power drive socket. This adapter adopts a high-strength sandblasting chromium vanadium steel structure. Spring ball bearings can firmly lock the sleeve so that you can use it at ease.
1/4”Dr. Quick release chuck bit Holder    QC-020A Specification:   1/4” Dr.×150mm(L) Quick chuck Release Bit Holder & one pc Stainless steel 1.Material: Stainless steel W/Magnetic 2.High Quality 3.Origin : TAIWAN 4.Packing: Tie on card , 10pcs/Box, 150pcs/CTN/ 14.1kg/ 15.1kg/1’ 5.Length can be customized Description: The product high quality Very durable, convenient to use Interface has a locking mechanism, built-have magnetic, automatically pop up batch head Suitable for drill, screwdriver , batch head and other to transfer Extend all kinds of screwdriver bits , screwdriver head conversion uses
Extension Screw Slim Lock Bit Holder with Magnetic  (PATENT) WW-213-400 Specification:   1/4” Hex×400mm(L)  Material: Aluminum tube +Stainless steel  Ø11mm slim lock bit holder High Quality Length can be customized  Packing: Tie on card , 10pcs/Box, 100pcs/CTN/ 10.5kg/ 11.5kg/1.2’ Description: Used for special workplaces. Air conditioner、light steel joist ceiling Brand new and high quality Very durable, convenient to use interface Ø11mm,can be used in narrow spaces Suitable for drill、 screwdriver 、batch head and other to transfer Extend all kinds of screwdriver bits, screwdriver head conversion uses  
1/4” Hex Shank Drywall Bit & Drywall Bit Holder       Specification:   No1. DY-675-001 :1/4” Hex Shank ×75mm(L) One pc stainless steel     Hex Bit : S2, Body: Aluminum No2-1. SL105: 1/4”Hex shank×66.5mm(L) Slim quick release bit holder No2-2. SL014 : Screw absorber W/magnetic, Material: Aluminum       SL105 and SL014 combine is drywall bit holder No3.DY-001: 1/4”Hex PH2×25mm(L) drywall bit holder , Material: Bit:S2,Cap:steel No4.Dy-004: 1/4”Hex PH2×50mm(L) drywall bit holder ,             Material: Bit:S2, Cap: Aluminum No5.Dy-002: 1/4”Hex PH2×38mm(L) drywall bit holder ,            Material: Bit:S2, Cap: Aluminum No6.Dy-006: 1/4”Hex PH2×50mm(L) drywall bit holder ,            Material: Bit:S2, Cap: Aluminum High Quality Origin: TAIWAN Packing: Slider card , 50pcs/Box, 200pcs/CTN/ 12kg/ 13kg/1.1’ Description: 1/4”Hex shank drywall bit holder for use with drills & power screwdrivers. Holds drywall bits fast, Accurate driving of drywall screws, includes depth stop to limit screw penetration, installs drywall screw easily.
SDS SHANK BIT HOLDER / SOCKET ADAPTER / CHUCK ADAPTER       Specification:   1. Material: Stainless steel and chromium-vanadium steel 2. Type: 1.  1/2”×20T SDS shank chuck adapter 2.  1/4”×75mm(L) SDS shank bit holder 3-1. 1/4”×57mm(L) SDS shank socket adapter 3-2. 3/8”×60mm(L) SDS shank socket adapter 3-3. 1/2”×65mm(L) SDS shank socket adapter 3. High Quality 4. Origin: TAIWAN 5. Packing: Slider card  [Mutiple Sizes] These are SDS shank bit holder, one SDS shank chuck adapter and three shank socket adapter in different sizes and you can use the proper one for various needs. [Ball Detent Design] SDS chuck adapter adopts ball detent design for quick connect or disconnect and ensuring stay in place while driving, can effectively reduce the loss of screw. [Widely Uses] Universal SDS plus shank would fit most electric screwdrivers, drills and chuck. [Small and Portable]The small size allows you to bring your bit extension anywhere to get any job done and can fit into many tool bag. [Hight Quality] Hard steel adapter for maximum durability, the heavy-duty construction allows for long service life. Description: These bit holder and extension adapters are made from high quality carbon steel and chromium-vanadium steel with heavy duty construction to ensure maximum  durability. It can be used for drills and bits making these extension adapters very handy and multipurpose.
2in 1  1/4” Hex × 1/4” Dr. Bit & Socket adapter  L:76mm       Specification:   Material: Ball C-ring: Chrome Vanadium, Ø12 Tube:8666 steel Color : Mirror Finish and Black Finish High Quality Origin: TAIWAN Packing: Slider card , 20pcs/Box, 200pcs/CTN/ 12kg/ 13kg/1.37’ Description: The 2 in 1 Bit & socket extension adapter, it can be used for bit and socket making this extension adapter very handy and multipurpose . The power shank adapter would fit most electric screwdrivers, drills and sockets. The small size allows you to bring your bit extension anywhere to get any job done and can fit into many tool bag.