Insulated Precision Screwdriver Set

High Quality and Best Price Insulated Precision Screwdriver Set in Taiwan.
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  • Insulated Precision Screwdriver Set - W6206
Insulated Precision Screwdriver Set
Model - W6206
6PCS Standard Precision Insulated Screwdriver Set

3pcs-Slotted:2.0×65mm, 2.5× 65mm , 3.0× 65mm,
3pcs-Philips:PH00×65mm, PH0×65mm , PH1×65mm
Material: 8660 steel , Handle : PP+TPR
High quality
Origin: Taiwan
Packing: Plastic Box+ slider card, 12set/Box,48set/CTN/16kg/17kg/1.6’

Our precision insulation tools complying with IEC 60900 and DIN ISO Tested by VDE and GS. We have also production Torx precision insulated tools.
If you are interested in our products we will provide certification information.  
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6-3/4” (170mm) Professional Electrician Scissors  W/PAT.USA.Europe.Taiwan WSC-1602S Material: Blades: Stainless steel 4034, Thickness:4.0mm, Handle: PP+TPR High quality  Origin: Taiwan Nylon-made sheath can be molded with customer’s logo if necessary Packing: Sliding card, 12pcs/Box, 48pcs/CTN/10kg/12kg/2.4cuft  Features: Professional scissors with special whole steel frame for high resistance and durable life. High hardness blades and an anti-slip serrated edge for making precise.  Light and strong handles are made from impact-resistant plastic material. Embedded an anti-slip ridges TPR on handles. Ergonomically-designed handles are suitable for comfortable, pretty, and durable using. The functions of wire stripper between handles are 1.5mm² / 2.5mm² / 4mm² 
VDE  APPROVED INSULATED SOCKET SET WIR-38/17P SET Anti Electro-Shock Handle insulation meets all requirements of THE VDE STANDARD RELEVANT INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. (IEC 60900-2012) Outside of insulation provide protection against electric shock. Origin: TAIWAN / High quality Contents:  17PCS 3/8” Dr. Insulated Socket set 1pc- 3/8” Dr. Insulated Ratchet Handle (IR-38) 2pcs- 3/8” Dr. Insulated Extension Bars (IE-3806 & IE-3810) : 6”(150mm),      10”(250mm) 14pcs- 3/8” Dr. Insulated Sockets (IS): 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,       18, 19 mm Description: Tested and certificated according to DIN EN IEC 60900(VDE 0682-201): 2019-04;EN IEC60900:2018;DIN IEC60900 Ber.1(VDE 0682-201Ber.1) 2020-11; EN IEC 60900:2018/AC:2020-05 3/8” square Drive ratchet with quick release mechanism,45 teeth Single piece also available
12PCS 1000V INSULATED TOOL SET     W703-005 Contents: 1-8”LONG NOSE PLIER POLISH (LN-118) 1-6” DIAGONAL PLIER POLISH (DP-106) 1-7” COMBINATION PLIER POLISH(CP-127) 1-6” WIRE STRIP PLIER POLISH(WS-156) 1-110-250V  VDE VOLTAGE TESTER 5-SCREWDRIVERS:Slotted:3×75mm,4×100mm,5.5×125mm,                   Philips:PH1×100mm, PH2×100mm  1-CABLE KNIFE(Item No.661-001) 1-BLOW MOLD CASE Packing: Blow mold case +color sleeve + shrink,8set/CTN/18.5kg/19.5kg/3.5’ Description: Our VDE products are all complying with IEC 60900 and DIN ISO Tested by VDE  and VPS. If you are interested in our products, we will provide certification information. 
117PCS Electrical Repair Crimping Kit W3742 Contents: 1pc-220mm crimping tool 1pc-insulating tape 40pcs-2.5×100mm cable ties 12pcs-Automotive fuses 2pcs-Insulated screwdrivers: Slotted: 4×100mm, phillips:PH1×100mm 1pc-120-250V Tester 1pc-130mm wire cutter 5pcs-Heat shrink tubes 1pc-1.5m primary wire 1pc-fuse puller 50pcs-insulated terminals High quality Origin: Taiwan Packing: Plastic tray+ slider card, 5set/Box,20set/CTN/14kg/15kg/1.7’ Description:   Tool set designed for 24 V and 12V automotive electrical repairs. A comprehensive set of crimping and testing tools, for most 24v and 12v automotive electrical repairs, Includes insulated circuit tester, crimping tool, wire cutter, fuse puller, Phillips PH1 and Flat 4mm screwdrivers. The set also includes commonly used consumables, insulating tape, cable ties, fuses, heat shrink tubes, primary wire and insulated terminals. Everything needed for automotive electrical repair in one kit, presented in a tray for convenient drawer storage.